Explore Other Safety Services

Our parent company, Safety Coordination Services, provides extensive services to support your company’s health and safety program.

​You can explore those services below.

Industrial hygiene services

Industrial hygiene services help you anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control environmental factors in your building or workplace that might lead to adverse health effects. They range from simple noise testing to complex asbestos management plans. 

​We’re here to help you choose and schedule the reliable and cost-effective industrial hygiene assessments you require.

Contract safety supervision services

You can get help to ease the workload of safety tasks for your staff with cost-effective contract safety supervision.

SCS can send to your company worksites or facilities the contract safety professionals for the level of supervision and safety management you require.

New safety system development

Your commercial or industrial company can get help with developing and implementing an HSE management system for targeting a zero-incident workplace that satisfies your regulatory due diligence requirements and leverages industry best practices.

Starting from scratch developing a safety system can feel overwhelming. You don’t need to do it on your own. You can access different levels of assistance from SCS that suit your budget, to go from no system to a finished system that satisfies the requirements that matter, including if you are looking to obtain a COR/SECOR.

Click the button below to find out more about how to get help developing a brand new safety management system for your company.

Existing safety system revision

Safety systems require maintenance and updating to ensure that they are working properly. Policies need additions to reflect new legislation, safe work practices need adjustments to reflect changes in industry best practices, and procedures need regular review to ensure proper risk management. Overall, quality assurance requires continuous assessment and improvement to the whole process.

This is no small task, but you don’t have to do it without help. Click the button below to explore the ways you can add our expertise to your team for getting your existing system revised and updated, or for help tackling individual components such as revising your ERP or undertaking a critical task analysis project.

Auditing of safety systems

Audits help you with your compliance and continuous improvement and are a key component to sustaining and maintaining COR or SECOR status.

You can access basic loss control audits or industry-specific or COR-specific audits from SCS to help you ensure your safety system meets all the specs and KPIs your company or certifying body requires.

Review and revision of manuals or technical documentation

Health, safety, and environmental management systems require a lot of documentation. Many companies struggle to keep them all accurate, up to date, and useful for their staff. To do this effectively requires skills in technical writing, editing, and desktop publishing that most office and safety personnel just don’t have. So these vital projects often struggle or stall out.

You can get help completing all this documentation. From basic user and maintenance manuals to specific company SOPs and JSAs, to custom electronic or paper forms such as SWPs or FLHAs, you don’t have to cope with editing and formatting all on your own. Click the button below to find out how to get this work off your to-do list.